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Online Charity Acts 435 in BBC’s Songs of Praise

Aled Jones recording interviews at REACH Community Project

Monday 30th July 2012

Acts 435, the Archbishop of York’s online giving charity, is to be featured in BBC’s ‘Songs of Praise’ on Sunday 5 August 2012.

Acts 435 ( links donors who want to help people in the UK struggling with poverty and those in need, using the internet and local churches as the bridge between these two groups of people.

The Archbishop of York said: “Acts 435 guarantees that 100% of a donation goes to those in need with nothing removed for administration costs.  To be featured on ‘Songs of Praise’ is an exciting step for the charity which will hopefully lead to more churches coming on board and more donors responding to the Jesus’ call to give to the needy”.

Aled Jones is to present the much-loved programme which will include interviews with Acts 435 advocates and applicants in a feature called ‘Change the World’.  Two families spoke of the kindness of Acts 435 donors and how their lives have been transformed.

Most of the filming took place at REACH Community Projects, set up by the River of Life Community Church in Haverhill, Suffolk.  This project was chosen as it has made extensive use of Acts 435.  So far £8,000 has been donated to REACH for individuals they know to be in need in their local community.  Items bought using the donated money included a washing machine, school shoes and a mattress.

Jenny Herrera, Director of Acts 435 said: “Acts 435 has over 80 participating churches and charities across the UK with new ones being added all the time as churches recognise what a useful resource it is for them.  Churches which are in areas of great need could otherwise be overwhelmed by the level of need in their communities, something very definitely on the increase in the current economic climate”.

Since it began in July 2010, Acts 435 has helped over 1,500 people, with over £60,000 going directly to those who need it most.

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