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“You don’t have to be Bill Gates to be able to help”, says leading Christian charity, Acts 435.

Acts 435 volunteers with Songs of Praise presenter Aled Jones

Friday 17th August 2012

An online charity, where 100% of what a donor gives goes to individuals and families struggling financially in the UK, has seen unprecedented growth following an appearance on BBC’s Songs of Praise.

Whilst charities throughout the UK are struggling to maintain income levels as fundraising gets tougher, Acts 435 has secured new donors in an organic way as the word has spread about the charity and its work.  Recent coverage on the BBC’s Songs of Praise sent donations soaring to more than 10 times normal activity.


The programme spoke about the importance small donations can have in making big difference in the lives of others. Figures show that 27% of new donors responding to what they had seen on Songs of Praise gave donations of between £5 and £10.


Margaret Sentamu, Chair of Trustees for Acts 435, said: “We are absolutely delighted with the response following our appearance on Songs of Praise. In these tough economic times, donors to charity want to make sure their money really counts. With Acts 435 we do just that.


“You don’t have to be Bill Gates to be able to help someone else.  If you are asked for a modest amount to tackle genuine need, you often feel more motivated to get involved. If you know it’s going to make a big difference at the other end, it seems more achievable, more real. We want to thank everyone who has taken the time to donate.”  


Acts 435 gives instant feedback on how donations are used, connecting those in need with those who want to make a difference. Donors receive personalised thank you messages from those they help, showing that the giving process really works.


Jenny Herrera, Director of Acts 435, said: “£5 or £10 may not seem like a lot of money, but for some people that amount can be life-changing. Little by little we can make the world a better place – all we have to do is put our compassion into action. Acts 435 helps change the world one life at a time – it really works!”


To find out more about the work of Acts 435, or to donate, visit:   

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