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Archbishop Desmond Tutu Plants Fruit Trees at Bishopthorpe

Archbishops Tutu and Sentamu Plant Trees in Mulberry Garden

Friday 16th November 2012

Archbishop Desmond Tutu together with the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, this morning planted four fruit trees in the Mulberry Garden at Bishopthorpe Palace. The Mulberry Garden is located next to the Chapel overlooking the river terrace and is named after a 60 year-old Mulberry tree.

The trees planted by the Archbishops included a Black Common Mulberry and three Brown Turkey Fig trees.  The Mulberry grows into a sizeable tree, normally between 15-20 feet high and it can take several years before it begins to fruit.  Its fruits are raspberry like in appearance and produced in late August and September.  The Brown Turkey Fig trees are the best all-round variety for outside and regularly produce a heavy crop of fruit with a rich sweet flavour.

The Archbishop of York said:

“We are honoured that Archbishop Tutu has joined us at Bishopthorpe during his visit to York and was able to lead services in the Chapel here at Bishopthorpe. 

“It is fantastic that Archbishop Tutu has planted these trees here with me this morning.  The new Mulberry means that this garden will keep its name for at least the next 60 years!

“When we look at these trees and taste the fruit in the years ahead, we will always think of Archbishop Desmond fondly and remember his incredible determination to love and serve others joyfully. Like a tree standing by the water side, let us all stand strong, deeply rooted in God’s love.”

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