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Mini Archbishop Joins March For Fairtrade

The mini Archbishop was photographed taking a tour of Bishopthorpe Palace

Friday 1st March 2013

A special visitor was pictured at Bishopthorpe Palace this week. As a prominent supporter of Fairtrade, the Fairtrade Foundation has created a paper avatar of the Archbishop as part of Fairtrade Fortnight (25th February to the 10th March).

On Monday 4th March the paper avatar of the Archbishop will join other high profile supporters of Fairtrade to lead a march on Parliament in support of small hold farmers. Ahead of the march, the mini Archbishop was photographed taking a tour of Bishopthorpe Palace.

The Archbishop said: “I'm proud to be supporting this year's Fairtrade Fortnight to plead with the government to do more to ensure small hold farmers get a fair wage for their labours.  Fairtrade is about delivering justice for ordinary people working hard to make a living wherever they live in the world.

“It was wonderful to welcome my paper avatar to Bishopthorpe Palace ahead of the march on Monday. I hope others will make their own paper avatars by visiting and send photos of themselves showing support for Fairtrade. It’s a fun way of getting across a serious message – we need to show support for a fairer deal for farmers living in poverty. 

“Join me and support Fairtrade, buy goods with the Fairtrade mark on where you can.  It can make all the difference”.

The Fairtrade Foundation works towards a more equitable food system and believes that better terms give people the opportunity to trade their way out of poverty.  Sales are increasing globally and in the UK at 12 percent annually, and already benefit 1.24m farmers and workers worldwide.

The first march on Parliament by the paper avatars will take place in Parliament Square on Monday 4th March. Showing support for a fairer deal for small hold farmers.  Estimates show that small farmers grow around 70% of the world’s food, yet only receive an average of 3% of the retail price once their produce hits the supermarket shelves. The Fairtrade system helps provide these farmers with a fairer price for their produce, and a chance for a better livelihood for themselves and their families.

To show your support for fairly traded produce or to create your own avatar in support of the march on Parliament, please visit:

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