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Leeds Lecture by Archbishop of York will focus on social action

Thursday 12th March 2015

The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu will address an audience at Leeds Civic Hall on Wednesday 18th March. The Archbishop will discuss social movements, citizenship and the notion of common profit.

Following recent media debates on the role of religion in politics, the Archbishop will speak on the right and duty of the Church to speak out on matters of injustice. The talk is titled, ‘Air, Light, Land and Water: Reclaiming public assets for the common profit’ and the Archbishop of York will discuss notions of common ownership and social inequality. Individuals and communities from across Leeds, in particular those involved in social activism and faith-based service provision, are invited to hear the Archbishop speak and to join the discussion.

Speaking ahead of his lecture the Archbishop said: “In the run up to the General Election, it is impossible to consider the kind of policies which should shape our future as a nation without first focussing on moral principles and virtues– and indeed the vision for our society - which undergird them.  To those who say that the Church should not be involving itself in such matters, I answer “My faith compels me to be involved”.

The talk is the inaugural Annual Lecture of the William Temple Foundation, a research and ideas hub focused on the role of religion in public life. Archbishop William Temple was the Archbishop of York from 1929 – 1942, before becoming the Archbishop of Canterbury. Temple’s seminal book ‘Christianity and Social Order’ is widely revered as influencing the establishment of the British welfare state.  

The lecture will begin at 17.30 in the Council Chamber, Leeds Civic Hall. Tickets are free but must be booked in advance via


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Notes to editors


Dr John Sentamu

Dr John Sentamu was appointed Bishop for Stepney in 1996, Bishop for Birmingham in 2002 and Archbishop of York in 2005.  He is Primate of England and Metropolitan, a member of the House of Lords and a Privy Councillor. His most recent publication is: ‘On Rock or Sand: Firm Foundations for Britain’s Future’. ISBN: 978 0 281 07174 6 


William Temple

Archbishop William Temple (1881 - 1944) was a leading clergyman, thinker, writer and social activist widely consider to be a visionary amongst his generation. His most famous book ‘Christianity and Social Order’ is accepted as the blue print which influenced Beveridge’s thinking and development of the welfare state.


William Temple Foundation

William Temple Foundation is a research and ideas hub, shaping debate on religion in public life. Through research, teaching and training the Foundation connects academics, religious institutions and community organisers. The Foundation was based in Manchester from 1971 until 2009 when it began a partnership with the University of Chester. It organises events throughout the country, and this is the Foundation’s first event in Leeds.


For more information or for interview requests:


Charlotte Dando, Assistant Director – Communications & Development

Email: [email protected]

Call: 07889 543 904

Twitter: @WTempleFdn @CharlotteDando







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