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Acts 435 Advocates Gather at Bishopthorpe Palace

Wednesday 26th April 2017

Today, 50 people who are involved locally as Advocates for the online charity Acts 435, met together to share their experiences of how they have seen the charity at work in their communities.


 The day follows a successful Easter appeal in which 64 Fresh Start requests for help were met in less than a week in time for Easter Sunday.

Six advocates shared their own experiences of using Acts 435 to make a real difference in the lives of people in need and showed how versatile Acts 435 is.  One church running a Foodbank was able to use Acts 435 to get electricity credit on one man’s meter so he could boil the kettle for the cup-a-soups the Foodbank was supplying.  Another has been able to provide a lifeline to people on tight budgets – whilst helping them manage their debt, raising money to cover costs for school uniform or replacement cooker.  Another explained how the changes to Universal Credit for some families had resulted in more applications for help via Acts 435 for help during a transition period.

Executive Director Jenny Herrera said:  “Acts 435 has just helped the10,000th person in need – which is truly amazing. It is great that so many of our Advocates have met today and shared in how they have helped others.  We not only continue to rely on the support of those that give generously to meet people’s needs, but on those who have become advocates and linked their churches with the charity. They are the ones who meet people in their need and help to bring hope.”

To see more about the work of Acts 435, to read the latest blog at: or to find out how you could become an advocate go to


For media enquiries relating to Acts 435, please contact Jenny Herrera at email:



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