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12 December 2016

Monday 12 December

[Matthew 8: 14-22]

Fit to Serve

We see in today’s reading that the power of Christ’s Kingdom is beginning to take hold in the world, and his authority over death and decay are being demonstrated for all to see and know. The sick are made well and fit. But Christ hasn’t come just to make us feel better. He has come to make us fit to do what we were created for: to worship and be part of his Kingdom activity. When athletes train and raise their fitness levels, it isn’t so that they can walk to the bus stop without getting out of breath; it is to be effective in the bigger task that is before them. Many talk about the cost to their own comfort, or to their families, but all agree that the goal is worth the cost.

Christ, in his miracles, frees all who come to him from torment of physical and mental sickness, but it is to fit them for the task of joining him in the work of the Kingdom. Peter’s mother-in-law is immediately ready to serve him. The Scribe declares his readiness to follow him anywhere. But Jesus makes it clear that the Kingdom they are serving is a completely new order of things. The comforts and ties of this world need to be set aside, so that they do not become a hindrance. Have we a venturesome faith that will fit us for the heavenly adventure?


For further reflection, please read Tom Wright – Advent for Everyone, A Journey Through Matthew, pages 65-69