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15 December 2016

Thursday 15 December

[Matthew 12: 15-21]

Fit to Lead

During recent elections, and in the face of an uncertain future, we find ourselves looking at our leaders and asking ourselves, “Can these men and women really lead us to a life of prosperity and peace?” The answer is often a despairing, ‘Not likely. Heaven help us!”

In the early days of their history, the people of Israel demanded a king, like other nations, just as we often demand ‘A Strong Leader’, someone with bold electable ideas, or with catchy populist slogans, someone who can convince us they are different, that they have a new answer. But too often, we are cynical about the possibility; and too often the forces of pessimism encourage our doubts, as the candidates’ lives are excavated in the hunt for skeletons in the cupboard of life.

In our passage, we read that the enemies of Jesus Christ were looking for ways to throw doubt on his character and his claims. But however far they dug down, all they discovered was yet another layer of deep integrity, honour and truth. Here was a man whose very nature was the essence of love, peace, hope and truth. A challenge to all cynics: only people wedded to the way of violence and despair would reject such a leader.

Blessed are we, who are loved and called to serve such a King. May his Kingdom come and his Will be done by you and me.


For further reflection, please read Tom Wright – Advent for Everyone, A Journey Through Matthew, pages 78-81