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17 December 2016

Saturday 17 December

[Matthew 27: 27-38]

Fit for Sacrifice

It is finished. With the death of Jesus Christ on the Cross, the purpose of his First Coming is completed. He has brought the Kingdom of Heaven to earth and through his self-giving love he has won the battle against sin, human disobedience and every stronghold that evil had set up in the world. Since the Disobedience of Adam, God had decreed that our bodies would die, but the ‘God who heals’ was still committed to bringing healing and wholeness as an expression of his character. When his Son came to live amongst us it was to bring the battle to the enemy and reverse the effects of Adam’s Disobedience; ready to do whatever it takes to conquer the enemy and rescue us – even if it takes his life.

The death of Jesus has not only dealt the power of sin a fatal blow, but has begun the process whereby all sin will be removed from the world. In bringing in his Kingdom of Love and Justice, in making us ‘fit for heaven’ by restoring our relationship with God and with each other, Jesus has ushered in restoration to the lost order of creation – which at his Second Coming a New Created Order will be fully realised.

We celebrate with joy the news that Christ has conquered evil, sin and death. We look forward to his Second Coming when his work will be completed in full and for eternity. Between now and then we live by faith and hope, obey him and serve his world soon to be “freed from its bondage to decay and thereby obtaining the freedom of the glory of the Children of God” (Romans 8: 21).


For further reflection, please read Tom Wright – Advent for Everyone, A Journey Through Matthew, pages 85-90