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20 December 2016

Tuesday 20 December

[Matthew 6: 16-24]

Travelling Light

When you travel by air there comes a moment when the stewards or the tannoy gives out the safety notices, and warn you that if you have to evacuate the plane you should leave your luggage behind. I’m sure that more than one of us has hastily thought, “Well, OK, but I’ll make sure my phone/wallet/passport/money is within reach, so I can grab it if we go.” There is always something we want to hold on to, something we think we can’t do without.

Today’s passage advises us to travel light, as sojourners in the land. When Jesus sent out his disciples to proclaim the Kingdom in the towns and villages, he gave them the same advice: travel light; that way your mind can concentrate on what’s crucial – sharing the good news of the Kingdom of God. In this last week of Advent, adverts and shop windows are full of beautiful gifts to buy our loved ones “to show how much we care”. But as citizens of God’s Kingdom do we really need all that stuff? When we visit family, we can travel light; they know us, and will provide all we need. God is preparing a place for each one of us. As members of his family celebrating his coming Kingdom, all we need to bring to his party is generosity of mind, spirit and heart and delighting in his glory.


For further reflection, please read Tom Wright – Advent for Everyone, A Journey Through Matthew, pages 100-104