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24 December 2016

Saturday 24 December: Christmas Eve

[Matthew 28: 16-20]

Love for the Long Haul

It’s Christmas Eve – tomorrow all our waiting and preparation will be over! The Story is about to start, and at the same time, the Story is done. The Messiah has come, he has died and he is risen. Jesus has conquered the Enemy’s kingdom of death and destruction and now Jesus has been given authority over the whole universe. It is the start of a new Story – the waiting and preparing and getting fit for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. And the same questions arise – how do we wait, how do we prepare, how can we be fit to receive him when he comes in Glory.

Jesus gives us the answer in the Great Commission: our task for the next part of the Story - “Go and make all the nations into my disciples. Baptize them… and teach them all that I have commanded you.” A glorious and joyful task. The angels brought the good news of the First Coming. We are “a little lower than angels” with a job to do before the next one – to bring the good news to all the nations and make them disciples.

I hope you will be gathering together with family and friends tomorrow, catching up on news and exchanging gifts. As you do, don’t forget to share the best news and best gift of all – the Love that came down at Christmas in Jesus of Nazareth.

It is Jesus Christ’s birthday. Please give him the best gift. Give him your heart.

Thank you for journeying with me this Advent. Love and Prayers as always.                                + SENTAMU EBOR


For further reflection, please read Tom Wright – Advent for Everyone, A Journey Through Matthew, pages 116-120