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7 December 2016

Wednesday 7 December

[Matthew 11: 16-24]

Be Prepared to Face God’s Reality

Ever since Adam disobeyed God and blamed Eve, and Eve blamed the serpent, God’s people have been making excuses for not doing his will. The Israelites in the desert were full of excuses and ready to blame Moses, Aaron, the desert, even God, for their own disobedience. “A stiff-necked, obstinate people”, as the Lord called them, who, when the moment came for them to enter into the Promised Land, misrepresented it as a dangerous and undesirable place so that in the end it is Joshua and Caleb who saw the opportunities and were prepared to take risks in order to enter into the land of promise.

Throughout the centuries of our human story, this failing has tempted us away from the right choices. If we can discredit the one who is calling us to face up to God’s requirements, we think we can get away with doing nothing. We need to beware of the ‘Father of Lies’ who began his career in the Garden of Eden. Because his lies will lead us to our destruction.

In our present culture of relativism, the risk of self-deception has taken a new turn. But as we take what looks like the easy way out of our Lord’s challenge, the danger is that we will not enter into God’s promise. Part of our preparation for entering his promised Kingdom must be to listen earnestly and humbly to his words and be courageous and ready to act on them. And thereby turning Adam’s disobedience into our obedience.


For further reflection, please read Tom Wright – Advent for Everyone, A Journey Through Matthew, pages 44-48