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7 December 2017


Thursday 7th December - 1 Kings 19: 1 - 18

Elijah. God with us when we’re alone

There’s an old saying ‘The higher you climb, the harder you fall’.  Though this may sound rather like advice to sit doing nothing, it is more a description of the emotional reaction which hits us when things stop going well and when the enemies you have made on your way up start to look more threatening.  We see it in the often-gleeful news stories about the downfall of prominent high-fliers.  But even though Elijah’s triumphs have come through God’s help and power, he is still susceptible to falling into fear and emptiness when he loses his focus. Just as Peter, walking on the water, sank in the waves when he took his eyes off Jesus.

When we are at such low ebb, tired, burnt-out, not knowing our next step, God is still with us to feed us, bring us rest and renew our strength and hope. Will we hear his voice?  On the mountain Elijah might have expected to hear God in the hurricane, the earthquake and the fire – the kind of power he had seen at work when God was helping him triumph over his enemies.  But God is present in a whisper in the silence. The people of Israel at the time of John the Baptist were expecting a Messiah to come in power to overthrow their enemies, but God was present in a baby born at Christmas, and in a silent humble man killed on the cross.

When we need help, where do we look?  Whenever we are at a loss in our lives, may we quieten our hearts to recognise God’s voice when he comes to us now, and in the future.


For further reflection, please read “In Touch with God: Advent meditations on biblical prayers” by Michael & Rosemary Green, pages 27 – 31