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Children of Peace

Children of Peace



Children of Peace is a UK based, non-partisan international charity founded by its President Richard Martin in 2005 to offer a fresh approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Mr Martin has been named a World Peace Hero by Peace21.

Children of Peace commemorates its Tenth Anniversary in 2015-16 through a new Music for Peace initiative - raising funds for the Edward Said Conservatoire in Gaza, Beit al-Musica and the Arab Jewish Youth Orchestra in Israel.

The charity aims to build friendship, trust and reconciliation between Israeli and Palestinian children, aged 4-17 through arts, education, health and sports projects and programmes, so that a future generation and their communities might live in peace, side-by-side regardless of community, culture, faith or heritage.

The forgotten victims of the Middle East conflict are the children. Many live in a perpetual war zone, frightened and stressed by the uncertain outcome of arbitrary violence. Children from both communities have lost loved ones, suffer mental and physical health problems and have worryingly high levels of childhood disease and illness.


Children of Peace









Coalition of Peace

The beating heart of the charity is the Coalition of Peace, now the single, largest peace network across the MENA with over 185 affiliates and partners -  notably in Bahrain, Gaza, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Turkey and the West Bank - to help overcome decades of mistrust and suspicion.


Healthcare and Education

Palestinian children have unusually high levels of childhood diabetes and around 10% experience stunted growth due to dietary deprivation. In some pockets of northern Gaza, this can rise to around 30%. Israeli children have high levels of morbidity and anxiety brought about by decades of uncertainty and random attacks.

Most aid to children in the region focuses upon emergency and relief aid and attention to daily health issues is sometimes fragmentary. Children of Peace’s commitment is to protect all of the children from all communities and to assist in daily healthcare where possible.

Children of Peace works with schools through an educational network: SchoolsLink which promotes contact and dialogue between young people worldwide, helping to develop understanding, tolerance and reconciliation. Children of Peace has provided school equipment for disadvantaged children in Israel and Palestine, including musical instruments in the Galilee, heating and air conditioning in Bethlehem, school bags in Gaza, play equipment in Jerusalem and health education in Aruba.

In 2015 three affiliates received the charity's annual grant: Rabbis for Human Rights, The St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group and Windows for Peace.


The Seaside Project

Research in the West Bank has revealed that many landlocked Palestinian children dream of visiting the seaside. In response, Children of Peace initiated the Seaside Project with Humans Without Borders. In July 2015 65 sick and disadvantaged Palestinian children were treated to a visit to the sea, a barbecue and much fun by our volunteer team including medical and health and safety experts.

 Children of Peace: The Seaside Project
















Youth Ambassador Programme

The Children of Peace’s Youth Ambassador Programme plays a vital role in opening up contact between the next generation of leaders in Israel and Palestine. It is designed to develop leadership skills, civic responsibility and peace activism in young people aged 13-25. Currently 11 Youth Ambassadors work with the programme in Israel, Palestine, Pakistan, the UK and the USA. The Director of the Programme is Sally Becker – the “Angel of Mostar” – who helped carry the Olympic Flag into the stadium at the Opening Ceremony of London 2012, in the charity's name.


Abir Aramin Girls Bursary

Each year the charity awards an Abir Aramin Bursary towards the education of one ten year old Israeli girl and one ten year old Palestinian girl in honour of the ten year old daughter of Palestinian peace activist Bassam Aramin and Goodwill Ambassador to the charity, who died so tragically in a fire-fight outside her school in East Jerusalem.


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