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Church Army

Church Army


Church Army is a mission-focused community within the Anglican Church, positively affecting lives and enabling people to come to a living faith in Jesus Christ.

We were founded in 1882 by Wilson Carlile, who wanted to spread the Good News of the Gospel to people who wouldn’t dream of setting foot inside a church.  He established Church Army with a vision to train ordinary Christian men and women to reach those most in need with the gospel.  He said: “We do not seek to drag the Church of England into the mud but to bring some of the social mud into the church.”

Today, Church Army continues to build on the foundations laid by Wilson Carlile.  Our vision is for everyone, everywhere to encounter God's love and be empowered to transform their communities through faith shared in words and action.  Everything we do is underpinned by our values: we are prayerful, expectant, risk-taking, generous, collaborative, accountable and unconditional.


Sorted youth project, Bradford, run by Church Army evangelist Captain Andy Milne and Tracy Milne.  Image courtesy of Church Army











Evangelists and Projects

Our evangelists and projects work across the British Isles and Ireland to share the good news of Jesus through words and actions.  We work in a variety of contexts and reach out to communities in ways that help them live life to the full as we seek to transform lives with the gospel.  We work with the homeless, the marginalised, those battling addictions, young offenders and those with too much month at the end of their money.  We serve communities, work with children and young people and help the shut-in elderly.  We are also committed to building new forms of Christian community to reach people who have little or no experience of church.  We work tirelessly to live God's love with those whom we serve.

The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, is a Vice President of Church Army.


Thanet Centre of Mission.  Image courtesy of Church Army