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This is an archived website containing material relating to Dr Rowan Williams’ time as Archbishop of Canterbury, which ended on 31st December 2012

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Friends of African International Christian Ministry

In the beginning

In 1980 Enoch Kayeeye, a Ugandan priest studying at Oxford’s Wycliffe Hall, met Ugandan-born Trevor Williams, then Chaplain at Trinity College.  After Enoch had advised Trevor on planting onions in his allotment, the seed was sown of a student expedition.  That bore fruit in 1983 with Oxford and Bristol University groups taking books, medical supplies and ideas to build water tanks with cement and chicken wire.

This began the realisation of the vision Enoch had had since his teenage conversion to Christianity: to direct his life towards meeting the spiritual and material needs of the people in his own parish in Kabale and the surrounding rural areas of Kigezi and South West Uganda.

On his return home in 1983 Enoch founded African International Christian Ministry.  In 1987 friends in England and Scotland started a support group, which in 1992 became a registered charity Friends of AICM (Number 1011451).  Its role remains to raise and channel financial support for field work, to underwrite staff salaries, to encourage and to advise when needed.  Friends of AICM seek to enable, not to manage.


In the present

Motivated by Jesus’ words in John 10.10 – "I have come that they may have life to the full", AICM ministers to scattered communities across SW Uganda, to the Rwandan border.  The work includes secondary education, vocational training, community development, promoting health and advancing the rights of the marginalised - such as the Batwa race, expelled from their rainforest homes with no government provision.  AICM has bought land and is teaching the Batwa how to build homes, cultivate ground and integrate into local communities.  Two Batwa primary schools provided and funded by AICM encourage the education of their children.  AICM also works with 5000 women, often AIDS widows and orphans, in remote hill villages around Kabale.  Dedicated extension workers travel huge distances on motor-bikes or cycles to develop such projects.

At its Kabale HQ, AICM runs a strategic Vocational Training College (VTC) offering life-changing opportunities to many from disadvantaged backgrounds.  Recently licensed by the Ugandan National Council for Higher Education, and also affiliated to Kyambogo University, it provides for students seeking a range of secretarial, computing, technical and practical skills. Most importantly, students come into contact with the Christian faith applied to daily life.

 Friends of African International Ministry









Friends of AICM seek:

•    Supporters to pray for AICM and recruit others.

•    Regular funding to ensure salaries of key administration and field staff.  These few dedicated Christian men and women are essential to AICM’s continued operation.

•    UK sponsors to give orphans opportunities for secondary and vocational education.

•    Donations for specific projects such as: provision of 4 x 4 vehicle,  motor bikes for accessing rural communities, daily food supplies and educational equipment for Batwa  primary school children; rainwater harvesting materials.


In God's future, we hope to:

  1. Adequately support  AICM field workers, the essential “eyes and ears” of AICM in the communities.  
  2. Recruit, train and retain more high quality staff for the VTC , helping it to maintain high quality vocational and technical  training. 
  3. Encourage more Batwa children into education  by raising funds to improve one primary school and to rebuild another.
  4. Bring  the life-changing news of the Gospel to more and more of the under- privileged.
  5. Find suitable people from UK ready to visit (paying their own way) and to advise on achieving these developments.


Gordon Ogilvie, Chair, Friends of AICM



For further information, please visit for details of newsletter, trustees and how to offer support. Also on Facebook at AICM-UK Friends.

The Archbishop of York has been Patron of Friends of African International Christian Ministry since 2006.