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Girls Friendly Society

GFS Platform
The Girls Friendly Society (campaign name: GFS Platform) has worked with Girls and young women nationally since 1875.  At that time Mary Townsend the Society’s founder was deeply concerned by the number of young women who left small, stable rural communities to enter domestic service in large urban areas. Many of them ended up being exploited and destitute. GFS supported these young women in finding work education and opportunities to socialise.

Today GFS Platform supports girls and young women between the ages of six to twenty-five, many of whom are vulnerable or disadvantaged. Working through thirty-three volunteer-run, parish- based branches, the organisation provides out of school activities including arts and crafts, residential events and involvement in community work.  We support older girls and young women through community projects and a shared house for pregnant mothers and their children.  By providing a range of courses including parenting, basic literacy and numeracy, budgeting, cooking and healthy eating, we help them to improve their lives.

At GFS we believe in a society where all females are respected and encouraged to grow in confidence and self-esteem. 

The organisation will continue to support girls and young women between the ages of six and twenty-five through the provision of diverse services and activities.  With understanding and love, we will help them to broaden their horizons, build their aspirations and achieve their potential so they become confident, independent women living and working across their communities.  

Registered charity no: 1054310