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Good Friday

Good Friday- why Good because God is in it with us and for us, doing for us that we could not do for ourselves, making us friends of God.


Have you ever looked at a situation and just wanted to weep?  I am sure that most of us will have felt that gut wrenching heart-ache at the suffering of others at some point in our lives; whether it is listening to our friend talk about their battle with illness or the breakup of a relationship.

The question is- how far would we go to put something right?  What would we be prepared to do to help someone else?

The Bible tells us that God is in it with us.  He, too, weeps at the suffering of others.  In the person of Jesus, God Himself took His place in the heart-ache of the world, so that He could be part of putting things right again.

In dying on the cross, Jesus went further than anyone has ever done to put things right.  On the cross Jesus took onto Himself all the pain, wrongdoing and anguish of the world, and broke its power forever. 

Jesus showed how far God Himself is willing to go in order to put things right.  There is nowhere that God will not go to make a difference- even death holds no fear, even hell holds no fear. Jesus has shown us that, with Him, there is a way through everything that we face.

Good Friday is where we celebrate Good overcoming all that is evil in the world.  In whatever we face today, we give thanks that Jesus Christ is in it with us and for us, not just to keep us company, but to show us the way through that leads back to God.  That surely is good news for Good Friday because in the cross, God discloses the essence of what it is to be God. All power belongs to him by right through self-sacrifice and not through self-service.