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Holy Saturday

Baptisms- a chance to start again


I guess that all of us will have had times when we just wish that we could start again.  It might have been a conversation where the more you said the deeper the hole you dug for yourself.  It might have been a relationship where something went wrong and you never quite seemed to be able to put things right.  It may be that you feel it’s all too late.

Recently I confirmed a lady, 60 years of age, who before her confirmation said to me that she thought she had missed her chance with God, because she hadn’t got confirmed as a teenager.  It was now too late for her.

With God, it is never too late; there is always time to make a fresh start.

The Saturday between Good Friday and Easter day is known as ‘Holy Saturday’ and on the steps of York Minster, I will be baptising people who want to make that fresh start with God.  This is a wonderful thing to be able to do, and is so life transforming that Jesus called this fresh start with God being ‘born again’ by water and the spirit! 

Imagine being able to start a new life, with all the mistakes of the past wiped clean and forgiven.  We may still have to face some of the consequences of those mistakes but God Himself promises to give us the resources that we need to live this new life well.  Why don’t you join me in making that fresh start with God?