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Say One for You

Following the success of last year's "Say One For Me" event, where local ministers of the church and others went out on the streets to pray with city centre shoppers, the Archbishop of York extended the initiative this year on Ash Wednesday (9th March 2011).

Archbishop collecting prayers in YorkThe Archbishop of York, the Bishops of Hull and Whitby took to their city streets to ask people if they want a prayer to be said for them. In Hull, the Rt Revd Richard Frith met with shoppers at Princes Quay, and in Middlesbrough, the Rt Revd Martin Warner met with students at Middlesbrough College.

As well as meeting local shoppers in York City Centre in the afternoon, Dr John Sentamu visited patients and visitors at York Hospital during the morning. The Archbishop also shared breakfast time with residents and staff at the Arc Light Centre, Union Terrace.

The Church of England's "Say One For Me" campaign aims to let people know that their church is there to support them and to pray for them at this time of year when the spotlight is on suffering.

Last year the Archbishop was accompanied by a team of 14 local ministers, based at three locations in York and hundreds of prayer requests were received and prayed over. Special services will again be held at St Helen's Church at 12 noon, 1pm and 2pm.

Dr Sentamu also launched a facility on his website where visitors can post their prayers online - here - this option remains in place for people wanting to send prayer requests via e-mail.

Dr Sentamu said: "The Church cares deeply about every single person. We want to listen to people in York and pray for whatever is going on in their lives.

Collecting prayer requests"I think it is important that we meet people wherever they are.  That might mean going out into the local shopping centre, or the hospital, or sharing time with people getting their lives back on track.

"Everybody goes through difficult times and sometimes we need someone to be there to listen. God values everyone and is always there to offer support for all."

The Rt Revd Richard Frith, (Bishop of Hull) said "Say One For Me is a way of reminding people that the church is there for them, whatever their worries are. As Christians, we're called to love our neighbours, and this is a chance to ask people if we can come alongside them and pray for what concerns them, whether its illnesses, job fears or worries about relationships."

The Rt Revd Martin Warner, (Bishop of Whitby) said, "Say One For Me starts on Ash Wednesday, which is the start of Lent. It's a time when Christians are encouraged to pray more, so it's fitting that we ask our friends and neighbours if we can pray for them as well. I hope that the students at Middlesbrough College will share their worries and concerns with us, and allow us to pray for them."