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Sowing Seeds Ministries

Sowing Seeds MinistrySowing Seeds is a Christian Charity which is committed to sharing the love and hope given in knowing Jesus Christ.

The charity works in prisons and schools to reduce the risk of reoffending, increasing employability levels and social acceptance.  Sowing Seeds provides hands on help with mentoring, drug advice and a support network based on Teesside.  The team visits Prisons, Schools and Churches, working closely with the community to aid offenders, ex-offenders and drug addicts towards a better way of life.

Sowing Seeds Ministries has three main aims;

  • To bring hope to young people in trouble with the law and help them find faith.
  • By helping them, reduce crime.
  • Provide help and support for the families of young people in prison because they also suffer.

Sowing Seeds supports people in time of need, offering Christian discipleship and guidance, helping them to accept and learn from their mistakes, and help sustain community cohesion where they can feel a sense of belonging through the word of God.

To do this, Sowing Seeds visits prisons and young offender institutions everywhere to deliver our message of hope and faith.

Speaking to individuals and to groups, Gram Seed, the founder of the Charity, talks of his belief in hope through faith.

Gram and his team members lead Alpha courses for those from a damaged and troubled past. During his talks, Gram tells of his life story, without glamourising his past, encouraging listeners to choose another life-style away from crime.

The Archbishop of York said: “I’m proud to be the patron of Sowing Seeds. It is a vital ministry that takes Christ’s message of love and hope to those who desperately need it. Gram Seed is the ideal person to lead such a mission. He is living proof that anyone can be transformed by Jesus Christ no matter how desperate the situation.  Gram’s story is truly one of great hope”

Gram explains, in his own words why he set up Sowing Seeds Ministries;

“I was brought up in estates on Teesside which lead me into a life of crime, serving both juvenile and adult sentences which spanned over 10 years. I then found myself homeless, on drugs and an alcoholic, sleeping on a bench in Middlesbrough town centre. This resulted in me being in a coma on a life support machine. Having been given the Last Rites some Christians asked my mother if they could pray for me, and as they prayed I woke up out of the coma. A few months later, I gave my life to the Lord and started helping those in need on the streets of Middlesbrough and setting up Sowing Seeds Ministries”.

The future plans of Sowing Seeds Ministries are to continue the work it is doing!

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