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York Georgian Society

York Georgian SocietyRegistered Charity No.233175

The York Georgian Society, which was inaugurated at a meeting in the Mansion House on 18 October 1939, is the second oldest society outside London devoted to the Georgian era. The principal aim of its founders was to promote the preservation and care of Georgian buildings in and around York, while fostering the study and appreciation of them, at a time when they were not as highly regarded as they are today. While this remains the focus of activity, the Society’s remit has always extended beyond architecture and the crafts associated with building to include the arts, culture and society of the Georgian period. The time-frame of the Society’s interests is defined in the current constitution as from 1660, the year of George I’s birth, to 1837, the year of William IV’s death.

With buildings as its central concern, the Society succeeded in establishing the principle that York’s rich heritage of Georgian architecture was worthy of protection and sympathetic maintenance. Although no major Georgian buildings in York are now threatened with demolition, the Society is necessarily vigilant about matters such as the potential loss of interiors and fittings, the threat posed by ill-considered development, and the negative impact of inappropriate street paving and signage. The close monitoring of planning applications relating to Georgian buildings, both in York and the surrounding local-authority districts of North Yorkshire, forms the Society’s core, if behind-the-scenes, activity.

More visibly, the Society organises a lively programme of summer visits to Georgian houses and other buildings, many not normally open to the public (for members and their guests); and an acclaimed series of winter lectures (open to all but free to members).

A major objective of the Society, now and looking ahead, is to attract and involve young people. With this aim in mind, the Society has presented annually since 2009 the Patrick Nuttgens Award – a grant made to a PhD student at the University of York, on the basis of an open competition, in order to support research into an aspect of the Georgian period. The Award is named in honour of the late Patrick Nuttgens, architect, broadcaster and educationist, who was founding Director of the Institute of Advanced Architectural Studies within the University of York, and successively Secretary, Chairman and President of the York Georgian Society.

The Society’s activities are recorded in a fully illustrated Annual Report, distributed to members – and new members are always welcome!

York Georgian Society, c/o The Merchant Adventurers’ Hall, Fossgate, York YO19XD

E-mail: [email protected]