Day 1: Ash Wednesday


What has come into being in him was life, and the life was the light of all people.
John 1.4

From a distance, when I look out from my window, the garden here at Bishopthorpe still looks quite bare at this time of the year.  The soil in many of the flower beds is coal-like and empty, the leafless branches of the trees are stark against the sky.  But when I walk in the garden and look more closely, things look very different. There are tiny shoots of tender young plants beginning to push through the earth, and small buds can be seen all along the branches of the deadest looking bushes and trees. Of course, some of the more fragile plants may need special care and protection from frost and birds before they come to full strength, but the wonder of renewed life gives us the hope of another Spring not far away. 

Sometimes our own lives and the lives of our brothers and sisters in Christ may feel spiritually barren. But as we journey through Lent, may we look closely and carefully for those signs of growth and hope in our hearts and tend and nurture them wherever they appear so that they grow and reflect the light of Christ.

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