Faith in the North - further reading

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  1. silhouette of church buildings with writing Words of Grace over them

    Words of Grace - podcast from the Diocese of Sheffield


    The Archbishop joined the Diocese of Sheffield as its guest on their weekly podcast Words of Grace

    1 min read
  2. Old ruin of church arch

    The Northern Saints - video and study resources


    Penny Lane Church have produced a series of videos on some of the Northern Saints: Bede, Caedmon, Paulinus and Hild

    1 min read
  3. Red stone arches on a building

    The Venenerable Dr Rachel Mann - BBC R4 Thought for the Day 6 February 2024


    The Venerable Dr Rachel Mann shared a Thought for the Day on BBC R4's Today programme, talking about pilgrimage

    3 min read
  4. Head and shoulders of a man looking into the distant skies

    Cuthbert - A mystical short film for now


    Oliver Murray, an ordinand at St Hild College, has produced a short film which portrays St Cuthbert as a man with doubts.

    1 min read
  5. 3 people looking across countryside to a large church building in the distance

    Bishop Paul Butler - BBC R4 Sunday Service 22 October 2023


    On 22 October 2023, Paul Butler, Bishop of Durham led the BBC R4 Sunday Service from St Peter’s Chapel, Bishop Auckland. In his sermon he mentions the recently created Northern Saints Trails, routes of pilgrimage to Durham Cathedral in the North East. The sermon follows in full.

    5 min read
  6. A picture of Archbishop Stephen talking to an audience at Dewsbury Minster

    Archbishop of York Celebrates Faith in the North


    NEWS - Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell today hopped on board a bus to bless its use for ministry in Dewsbury as he outlined plans to celebrate stories of faith in the north, and help renew the missionary purpose of the Church in the North over the coming years.

    3 min read
  7. Shrines of Paulinus and Ithamar at the High Altar Rochester Cathedral

    Paulinus & Ithamar - Dedication of restored shrines, Rochester Cathedral 


    COMMENT - St Paulinus and St Ithamar were Bishops of Rochester in the 7th century, nearly 1400 years ago. Their shrines were dedicated by the Bishop of Rochester at a special service held on the 24th September. The Archbishop of York preached during the service.

    7 min read
  8. Feet with walking boots standing on a way marker for Camino path

    Things that I learned on a very long walk – Pilgrimage unpacked


    COMMENT - Archbishop Stephen gave a talk at Carlisle Cathedral this evening entitled: Things that I learned on a very long walk – Pilgrimage unpacked. His talk follows in full

    14 min read
  9. The book cover of a Treasury of Anglo-Saxon England with colourful drawings of celtic type borders around the title

    A Treasury of Anglo-Saxon England


    A Treasury of Anglo-Saxon England
    Faith and Wisdom in the Lives of Men and Women, Saints and Kings
    Paul Cavill

    2 min read