On Rock or Sand

On Rock or Sand was published in January 2015 as a major contribution to public debate approaching the 2015 election. A Synopsis follows...

The aim of this book is nothing less than to assess and reset the terms of the debate about the kind of nation we want to be.

Faced with a period of change as great as that of the 1930s, the continued cohesion of our society is at risk as expectations of ever-rising prosperity are challenged and many struggle to make ends meet. It is within this context that the contributors to this book examine some fundamental questions. How can we draw upon the wellsprings of social solidarity today? What would a new social contract – a new understanding about the respective rights and obligations of the individual citizen and the state – look like today? At a time when budgets and other resources are being reduced, what are the principles we should adopt to distribute them?

In short, what values can the Christian faith bring to the table to help address the problems we face today? These and other core questions about the kind of society we seek lie at the heart of this book.

Chapters by expert economic, political, religious and social thinkers, including contributions by Lord Adonis, Sir Philip Mawer, Oliver O’Donovan, Andrew Sentance, Julia Unwin and Archbishop Justin Welby

Addresses crucial questions about the moral principles that undergird the way Britain is governed

Written for people of any or no religious background who are concerned about the values that influence our political attitudes and decisions

ISBN: 978 0 281 07174 6

Price:  £9.99




Free Study Guide to On Rock or Sand Cover

On Rock or Sand - Free Study Guide

The book was never simply intended to help people make more informed decisions in the voting booth, but also to stimulate thought and action on issues that will remain with us long after the election has passed. The following study guide is therefore offered as a free resource for discussion groups and individuals who would like to develop a more thoughtful approach to, and engagement with, the issues addressed by the book.

This study guide provides key quotations and chapter-by-chapter summaries of the book’s main arguments, plus relevant passages from the Bible and a range of questions to encourage further thought and action.