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Key Press Releases prior to January 2015
  1. Archbishop John Sentamu in robes outside York Minster

    'Marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman'


    COMMENT - Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, in Jamaica to mark its 50 years of independence, the Archbishop speaks on the importance of marriage and also on issues of Church leadership....

  2. Archbishop John Sentamu

    Health and well-being, and the NHS (Archbishop of York)


    COMMENT - In April 2010, in the wake of the Financial Crisis, I invited a group of academics and practitioners to come together to take stock, not only of the policies by which our society and our economy should be governed, but also of the underlying values and principles of which that society and economy are an expression. We named the group “The Archbishop of York’s Symposium”.

  3. Oliver O'Donovan

    A right to health? (Oliver O'Donovan)


    COMMENT - If we refer to it as a slogan, that need not be in a pejorative sense.   It means simply that “the right to health” does useful duty as a shorthand reference.

  4. Archbishop speaking in House of Lords

    Archbishop's statement on UK riots in August 2011


    COMMENT - Archbishop's statement on UK riots in August 2011

  5. Official head and shoulders photograph of the Archbishop of York

    It's "I will"


    FEATURE - The Archbishop of York on Marriage Today - a resolution to love, comfort, honour and protect, whatever the circumstances

  6. Official head and shoulders photograph of the Archbishop of York

    Rejoice in their wedding and wish them the best


    COMMENT - The Archbishop of York has spoken to ITN and BBC about the Royal Wedding, the benefits of marriage and the role of marriage in society.

  7. Official head and shoulders photograph of the Archbishop of York

    Archbishop Welcomes Government Opt In on EU Trafficking Directive


    NEWS -  The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, welcomed the Government's decision to opt in on the EU Directive on Human Trafficking.

  8. Lessons from the Financial crisis (Dr Andrew Sentance)


    COMMENT - Personal reflections by Dr Andrew Sentance, External Member, Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee

  9. Archbishop John Sentamu

    Reconnecting and refreshing the wellsprings of solidarity in England (the Archbishop of York)


    COMMENT - “I must proclaim the good news of the Kingdom of God to the other cities also; for I was sent for this purpose”.

  10. Peter Hennessy

    The condition of British politics (Peter Hennessy)


    FEATURE - The politics of recession has been subsumed by the politics of cuts