2022 News Archive

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    A statement on the death of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI


    COMMENT - short statement and prayer on the death of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

    1 min read
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    Christmas Day Sermon at York Minster


    COMMENT - Archbishop Stephen gave the sermon at the Christmas Day Eucharist at York Minster. This follows in full

    5 min read
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    Poverty of Christ’s birth in a stable is a lesson for us all


    FEATURE - Archbishop Stephen writes in today's The Times. His article follows in full...

    5 min read
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    Taking heart and building a better world


    FEATURE - Writing in today's Yorkshire Post Archbishop Stephen encourages everyone to take heart from the Christmas story. The article follows in full...

    4 min read
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    To change the world you have to change the human heart


    FEATURE - Archbishop Stephen writes a message for Christmas in today's York Press

    3 min read
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    Parish churches ensure there is room at the inn this Christmas – and always


    FEATURE - The Archbishop writes in today's Sunday Telegraph. The article follows in full...

    4 min read
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    The transforming power of love was the Queen's theme


    NEWS - Writing in today's Sunday Express, Archbishop Stephen asks if we going to make room for Jesus by making room for those who are in great need. Read the article in full

    5 min read
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    BBC Radio 2 Pause for Thought


    COMMENT - The Archbishop of York joined BBC Radio 2 Breakfast this morning to deliver a Pause for Thought. This follows in full 

    2 min read
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    Sermon for national Church of England online service - 3rd Sunday of Advent


    COMMENT - The Archbishop gave the sermon as part of the Church of England's weekly online service. This follows in full...

    4 min read
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    House of Lords Debate on UK asylum system and refugee policy


    NEWS - Archbishop Stephen responded to the Archbishop of Canterbury's debate on the principles behind the contemporary UK asylum system and refugee policy, and of the response to the challenges of forced migration. His speech follows in full

    4 min read