BBC Radio 2 Christmas Day Message


The Archbishop gives a Christmas Day message on BBC Radio 2's Good Morning Christmas...

The beloved disciple, St John, uses two great basic words on which the Fourth Gospel is built up. And they are LIFE and LIGHT.

Life which is the opposite of destruction. Life which isn’t about longevity but the nature and quality of Life – the Life of God brought by ‘Jesus …. Immanuel, God with us’ (Luke 1: 31; Matthew 1: 23) when he took upon himself our human nature.

Yes! The bringer of this life of God is Jesus of Nazareth. And he gives it freely ‘to all who accept him …. giving them the right to become children of God’ (John 1: 12).

St John says, ‘In [Jesus] was life, and the Life was the light of humankind’ (John 1: 4). This Light puts chaos to flight. It is a guiding light. It is a revealing light which shows all things as they truly are. It has the power to warm up anyone who comes to it.

At the age of ten my response was, and still is, “Lord, give me this Life and Light in abundance: may it fill all my days.

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