Archbishop and Diocese of York Get Together in honour of Jo Cox


The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, has invited all the members of his Diocesan Synod – the representative body of the 600 churches making up the Church of England’s Diocese of York – to lunch on Saturday 17th June as part of The Great Get Together, a national series of events in tribute to the late MP Jo Cox.

The Jo Cox Foundation has launched The Great Get Together to run between June 16 and June 18 – an invitation to stage street parties, picnics, bake-offs and more in the biggest community celebrations since the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012.

The three days of events will mark the first anniversary of Jo’s murder on June 16, 2016, while working in her constituency of Batley and Spen.  Jo, who spoke of how we have more in common than that which divides us, campaigned tirelessly for a fairer, kinder and more tolerant world. Her murder sparked an outpouring of grief and solidarity in the UK and across the world. 

York Diocesan Synod includes over a hundred members representing the Deaneries and churches of the Diocese of York, travelling from as far afield as Middlesbrough, Scarborough, Hull and Selby to meet on Saturday morning at Manor Church of England Academy in York.

Archbishop Sentamu said, “At the heart of the Christian Gospel is reconciliation between us and God and in ourselves.  This reconciliation, forgiveness and justice bring us into a community of trust and compassion.

“A meeting of our Diocesan family is a great time to thank God for Jo Cox.  She inspired us with her passion for finding common ground with people of goodwill and building a better world with them.”

Brendan Cox (Jo’s husband) said:

 "I'm both amazed and humbled that so many people have said they want to take part in The Great Get Together. I think the huge response is because we’re tapping into the national mood. A desire for unity and togetherness rather than the divisiveness of politics and the public debate in recent years.

"We are hearing about new events all the time and there will no doubt be many that just happen spontaneously. The important thing is that it will be a lot of fun and will hopefully play its part in reminding us all of the values that make this country such a great place to live.”


For further information regarding this event at York Diocesan Synod, contact Martin Sheppard on 07377 356621 or [email protected].

On the weekend of June 16 – 18 the public are invited to get together in their communities across the country in what is expected to be the biggest expression of national unity since the Diamond Jubilee. Events being planned include street parties, BBQs, picnics, coffee mornings, tea parties and iftars. The Great Get Together has the backing of a wide range of supporting organisations and charities including The Big Lunch, the Women’s Institute, RSPB, RNLI, Royal British Legion, Scouts and Guides, Premier League, TUC, Countryside Alliance, Amnesty International, Help for Heroes and many more. It has cross-party support and the backing of leaders of all the country’s main faith groups. The Great Get Together was launched by HRH the Duchess of Cornwall, patron of the Big Lunch, alongside Jamie Oliver, at Clarence House.

The Jo Cox Foundation
Jo Cox’s life was marked by her compassion and by her passion. She worked tirelessly for a fairer, kinder and more tolerant world. And she believed passionately that even the greatest challenges could be overcome.

Jo was murdered on the 16th June 2016 in the place she loved – Batley and Spen – doing the work she loved, as an MP on behalf of her constituents. The Jo Cox Foundation has been established to support her friends, family and colleagues in their efforts to continue her work and to highlight the issues she cared about so deeply. Led by her example, we are restless for change. Just as she did, we believe in working together with individuals and organisations that share the commitment to a fairer, kinder more tolerant world.