A thousand Churchwardens at York Minster


Nearly a thousand Churchwardens were admitted to their office at the diocesan 'Visitation' service in York Minster on 11 May 2017.

Churchwardens are elected by the congregation of every parish church to serve as the Archbishop's officers in that parish; working closely with the parish clergy, their responsibilities include overseeing the running of the parish and the maintenance of the church and other buildings.

Many Churchwardens are involved in leading worship and often hold other responsibilities in the church, and they have a particularly significant role during a period without an incumbent priest.

Gathered with their clergy, the Churchwardens were 'presented' to the Archbishop by the Archdeacons of Cleveland, York and the East Riding, and the Archbishop led them in making their new or renewed commitments to their office.

Preaching on the 'admission' of the Churchwardens, the Archbishop said that "We are admitted to fellowship with God only through the action of God himself," and he encouraged them to root their work in their own time spent alone with God, so that all in our communities might come to know Jesus for themselves.