Archbishop of York visit to Kenya


The Archbishop of York visited Kenya (from 7 to 11 February 2008) to offer prayers and solidarity for the people caught up in the current troubles. His statement follows...

"I have accepted Archbishop Benjamin Nzimbi's encouragement to visit Kenya. During the troubles in Uganda brought about by the Amin regime, the people of Kenya stood in solidarity with the suffering of Uganda. Kenya was a haven for many Ugandans. Kenya was the base for the headquarters of both the East African Court of Appeal and the East African Economic Community. Kenya was the economic lifeline to landlocked Uganda.

Now during their own time of trouble I have decided to accept Archbishop Nzimbi's encouragement to come and stand in solidarity and prayer with the suffering in that land.

It is significant to me that it is at this time that the worldwide Church enters into the time of Lent, when we prepare ourselves to commemorate the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Kenya's suffering is lived under the shadow of the Cross.

My prayer will be that the joy of the resurrection awaits this land and that this act of solidarity will be a reminder to them of the millions worldwide, who stand with them in their suffering."