Year 5 Primary Pupil Designs Archbishop of York’s Christmas Card


Drawn picture of Mary on donkey walking with Joseph at night time with deep blue sky and yellow angel figure in the sky

Key Stage Two Pupils at Beeford Church of England Primary School, in the East Riding of Yorkshire took on board a new art project in designing the Archbishop of York’s Christmas Card this term.

Headteacher Michelle Bell said, “The Archbishop contacted us in October asking if the pupils might like to design a Christmas card that he could send out this year. We thought it was great idea and the children have really enjoyed coming up with designs and getting creative! It’s been a difficult year for everyone and being able to do this helped us all to look forward to Christmas and the joy that this amazing story can bring.”

Archbishop Stephen Cottrell said, “I am grateful to all at Beeford Primary School for helping me with this year’s Christmas card. I chose a design by Laila, a year 5 pupil, as she seemed to capture something of the particular mood and feeling of what Christmas might be like this year.  

“In her picture, we can see that Mary and Joseph are travelling.  They appear to be socially distanced.  It is dark.  This is how Christmas may well be like this year.  We are unlikely to be able to celebrate in the ways we’d like.  Meetings with family and friends will be limited.

“We are on a difficult journey through a difficult winter.  But the light of the star, and the presence of the angels – are with us, showing the way and singing of peace. In sending our Christmas greetings this year, I pray we are a source of comfort and joy to others”


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