Yorkshire Schools Pilgrimage to Taizé 2019

Taizé - Day 3 - Settling in

We set up our tents yesterday and we had mixed success - some did it very easily and for others it was a team building exercise. The campsite may be on quite hard ground, but camping is really fun. It’s way better than being stuck in a room with eleven other people with very little space. It’s also quite communal so there’s always someone to chat with. Everyone is open to share stuff like food and sun cream which is good. In the services, there’s silence in each one. It started off quite strange and unfamiliar but now it’s quite interesting. 

Taizé is a really big site with lots of different areas including the Oyak youth zone, camping areas, the Church, food tents and even a lake! We tried to get to the lake yesterday morning but it was too hot and we took a wrong turn, but thankfully we had another try in the evening and found it. It was stunning and peaceful with God’s beauty shining through everything.

My first introduction to food at Taizé was different to what I was expecting. The pictures we were shown before coming really didn’t do it justice. The portions are quite small but the actual food is very filling so I’m not going hungry in between meals. So far, every meal apart from breakfast has been rice which may sound not the best to some, but each one is genuinely really tasty. There’s also fruit that were given and at breakfast you have the option of hot chocolate or Taizé tea which is different to any tea I’ve tasted. 

Today, we also got introduced to the small groups that we’d be spending our bible study with throughout the week. At first, I was really hesitant as I’m not very outgoing and I usually get scared to talk to new people, but everyone is incredibly nice and friendly that it’s so easy to get along. The language barrier isn’t much of an issue either so we are able to communicate with people across Europe.

I’m really looking forward to the rest of the week and already feel like I’ll miss it when we have to leave.

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