The chapel at Bishopthorpe Palace
The Chapel is the oldest part of Bishopthorpe Palace and has been at the centre of life here since 1251.

It is a place of encounter with God in times of joy and sadness, and is often used for special services during the year. It is also the beating heart of the Palace during our daily work.

The life of the Community at Bishopthorpe Palace is centred on prayer and worship, and each day starts with a service of Morning Prayer and Communion. That rhythm of prayer continues with Mid-day Prayers, and then Evening Prayer towards the end of the working day. We are supported in this by Sisters of the Order of the Holy Paraclete who offer a continuous praying presence underpinning all our work. Paraclete is a Greek word meaning advocate or helper.  In a Christian context the word refers to the Holy Spirit. In 2015, the Order celebrated its 100th anniversary year. 

Share a Prayer

Do you have something weighing on your mind and heart?

Do you feel at a crossroads in your life?

Do you feel you would like some support by people who would pray for you?

Do you wish to say a prayer for someone close to you or do you want to give special thanks?

If the answer is yes, we can pray for you.

Prayer is simply connecting up with God. Listening and talking to God is for everyone, and we can pray at any time and in any place. We don’t need to use special words, we just need to spend time with God and talk with Him about our hopes and our fears, our dreams and our disappointments. As we do so, we will often have a sense of God with us, and with God with us, suddenly anything is possible!

Our three daily services at Bishopthorpe Palace provide the opportunity to take up your prayer request.  Alternatively, you can be prayed for privately by a member of staff.

If you would like prayer to be offered, please take time to fill in the box below and send it to us. We will ensure that your prayer request is taken up

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