Yorkshire Schools Pilgrimage to Taizé 2019

Taizé - Day 5 - Inspirations

Bonjour! Our names are Becky (17) and Molly (18), we’re from Archbishop Holgate’s School. We’ve been inspired by many different aspects at Taizé on our trip. We have mainly been inspired by the wonderful people we have met during our journey so far and our daily Bible studies allowing us to meet and expand our sense of diversity, seeing a multitude of cultures and a variety of people from different backgrounds. All making us reflect on our own personal beliefs.

The communal living has broadened our own perspectives on how living with just the necessities and not many luxuries can be an eye-opening experience that has allowed us to truly appreciate Taize in its purest and most simplistic form. This could affect our own personal living and home and allow us to adapt and respect a more simple way of life without feeling the need to indulge, instead of focusing on the necessities such as a closely linked community like the Taizé community.

Having prayer 3 times a day is very inspiring as it allows time for personal reflection and growth in a spiritual and cultural sense, as the ‘Chants de Taizé ’ are in a multitude of languages, as well as 10 minutes of silence allowing for more personal prayer and reflection time within the community.

Molly - the thing that inspires me the most is the large group of new people that I have become close to and I’m very inspired by their own backgrounds and stories that allow me to appreciate them and their culture.

Becky - the thing that inspires me the most in Taizé is the simplistic way of living that has made me reflect on my life back home.

Source URL: https://www.archbishopofyork.org/news/news-2019/yorkshire-schools-pilgrimage-taize-2019-inspirations

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