Read sermons and messages delivered by Archbishop Stephen Cottrell.
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    A Moment of Reflection - Sunday 26 September 2021


    A moment of Reflection for Generosity Week

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    Speeches in the House of Lords 6 September 2021


    COMMENT - The Archbishop spoke in the House of Lords today in debates on the EU Bilateral Agreements for Asylum Seekers, Grenfell Tower: Demolition and the Environment Bill. The extracts from Hansard follow in full...

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    Address to York Diocesan Synod


    COMMENT - The Archbishop addressed York Diocesan Synod today who were meeting online due to ongoing COVID restrictions. The address follows in full

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    Foreword for the Churchwardens' Yearbook 2022


    The Archbishop supplied the foreword for the Churchwardens' Yearbook 2022. In it he thanks all churchwardens and the vital role they play in enabling the Church of England to fulfil its historic vocation of being the church for everyone everywhere.

  5. Head and shoulders of Bishop Glyn dressed in black suit jacket and purple shirt with dog collar

    Synod Farewell to the Bishop of Beverley Glyn Webster


    COMMENT - General Synod July 2021 Farewell to Bishop Glyn Webster 

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    Vision and Strategy Address - General Synod July 2021


    COMMENT - The Archbishop today addressed General Synod on the Vision and Strategy for the Church of England in the 2020s. The speech follows in full

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    Presidential Address - General Synod July 2021


    COMMENT - The Archbishop gave the Presidential Address at General Synod on 9 July 2021. The speech follows in full...

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    A moment of Reflection - Trinity Sunday 30 May 2021


    A moment of reflection for Trinity Sunday

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    Pentecost Sunday Service - Thy Kingdom Come 2021


    NEWS - The Archbishop of York leads the Church of England's national online service on the final day of Thy Kingdom Come - a global wave of prayer from Ascension Day to Pentecost Sunday.

  10. Black writing on white background York St  John University and Est 1841

    York St John University inaugural Institute for Social Justice lecture ‘Enough is Enough’


    COMMENT - The Archbishop gave his inaugural lecture at York St John University exploring the theme of 'Learning what enough looks like. How Christian and faith traditions might speak to the big ecological and economic challenges of our time.' His speech follows in full

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