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Following the vision that God gives us

Ever since it was announced that I was to be the 98th Archbishop of York, people have been asking me about my vision.

The trouble is, I’m not sure I’ve got one. Not of my own, anyway. The vision that all of us should be following is the vision that God gives us in Jesus Christ. We don’t need anything else. That vision of a new and redeemed new humanity is what has sustained me throughout my ministry and it should be the vision that sustains the whole church in every place and in every age. I will certainly do my best to make sure that is the case.

Of course, we have to work out what this means for this particular place and time, and that is how we find out what our priorities should be, but I know I need to arrive in York and get to know the York Diocese and get to know the other dioceses in the northern province before I can begin to discern what the particular priorities might be for me over the coming years. So, for the time being, I am sticking to three things. Two of them have served me well throughout my ministry and have been the underlying themes of everything I have done as a priest and a bishop. The third is very much about my role as Archbishop of York and the special opportunities and responsibilities that brings. I feel sure that these three things will be part of the emerging priorities that we will discover together as I come to serve you.

Just praying

In Jesus Christ we enter into a relationship with God

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Just evangelism

Sharing the good news with others

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The North

Working for the common good

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