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"I am glad the Archbishop of Canterbury has made a public statement and has written to the Archbishop of Uganda about the stance the Ugandan Church has taken over the legislation passed by the Ugandan Parliament and now signed into law that criminalises LGBTQ+ people simply for being themselves.
"There is still so much prejudice, violence, discrimination and oppression targeted at people who are perceived to be different. But the Gospel calls us to a different narrative - one that is rooted in the love Christ has for us, and we for him and our neighbour. The Anglican Communion, though divided on certain questions around human identity and sexuality has, nevertheless, always affirmed the God given dignity and value of every person, wonderfully made in the image of our creator God. When we treat people differently or worse criminalise them for merely being who they are, we mar that image.
"It is time for us to do better. And although none of us get this right, and I am only too conscious of the failings of the Church of England in this regard, I invite my fellow disciples in Uganda, around the Communion and in our own Church of England to join me in resolving to turn our backs on homophobia, racism and all other 'othering' of those who are our sisters and brothers in Christ, to make our churches places of welcome for everyone, and show the world a more excellent way."

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