Purple ring with Faith in the North written around the edge and a cross and path inside the circle

Light from the past, hope for the future

Faith in the North

What is ‘Faith in the North'?

Faith in the North seeks to encourage a movement of prayer, storytelling and church planting inspired by the Northern Saints. It will provide resources for churches, schools and individuals to foster deeper connections with the Christian faith and renew missionary purpose.

What we hope to see

  • Renewal of Prayer & Discipleship: 
    •    More people praying the Lord’s Prayer and living lives shaped by the vision it presents. 
    •    Children and young people knowing and engaging with the Lord’s Prayer as a pathway to faith.
    •    A prayer network for church planting and revitalisation across the region.

    Renewal of Storytelling:
    •    People seeing themselves as part of the big story of Faith in the North and equipped to tell their story today. 
    •    Children in schools learning the story of Faith in the North in ways which engage them in the Christian faith.
    •    Churches engaging with their story with fresh imagination and missional impact. 

    Renewal of Church Planting:
    •    Churches and new worshipping communities started because of our work. 
    •    A shared sense of identity and purpose across the Northern Province of the Church of England. 
    •    The Northern Province as a learning community for church planting. 

What to look forward to

  • Lord’s Prayer ‘Teach us to Pray’ tour: an event in each of the 12 dioceses of the Northern Province of the Church of England with the Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell, exploring the Lord’s Prayer as a way to live.  
  • Resources for Churches: including interactive Faith Trails for every church to help connect with their communities and explore stories together, small group resources and Prayer Cards on the themes of Faith in the North.
  • Resources for schools: including collective worship materials, interactive experiences such as Faith Trails and support for building relationships between local schools and churches.

    Church and school resources will start with the Lord’s Prayer in 2025, Pilgrimage and Baptism resources will be available at a later date.  

Image of a stone Anglo Saxon Cross with leaves in the background


Logo, podcasts, videos and further reading 

Purple ring with Faith in the North written around the edge and a cross and path inside the circle

A Prayer for Faith in the North

A prayer to use together

A picture of Archbishop Stephen talking to an audience at Dewsbury Minster

Launch of Faith in the North

Dewsbury Minster

On 10 October, Missioners, leaders of churches and Principals of Theological Colleges from across the North joined Archbishop Stephen for the launch of Faith in the North. Watch the summary video here:

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Source URL: https://www.archbishopofyork.org/faith-in-the-north