Archbishop with students at Birkenhead Sixth form
"You need to make sure that your body is sound, that your mind is clean and that your spirit is fed as well." Archbishop Sentamu

As part of his ‘Believe in Birkenhead’ mission in September 2017 the Archbishop visited Birkenhead Sixth Form College, the biggest sixth form in the area and sampled a taster of the College’s unique life-skills programme. 

Along with a Q & A session with A Level sociology students and a tour of the facilities, the Archbishop took part in a session of the College’s mental health and wellbeing programme, ‘BePART’.

‘BePART’ stands for be positive, ambitious, resilient and thoughtful, and was specially devised by a team of psychology teachers at Birkenhead Sixth Form College to help teenagers deal with the demands of modern living. The programme uses proven methods and scientific research to help all new students with their mental wellbeing, through sessions focused on using gratitude to improve happiness, the importance of sleep and diet, and relaxation techniques.

If I take care of my body and do not feed my mind and my spirit, I am only fractionally happy. In the session we heard about sleep, diet, thought; I think it is trying to say to everybody that to be truly human, at the heart of it, is every part working together.

Archbishop Sentamu

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The Archbishop of York also expressed concern for young people who are contending with issues of depression, self-doubt, insecurity and fear in an article he wrote for the Times Education Supplement.

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