My hope would be to encourage each of us to discover what a loving God has in store, to embrace this and to share it with others.

God’s gift to the world in Jesus Christ is peace, security, justice, hope, forgiveness and joy. The Christian virtue of hope is believing that this is possible, in spite of the evidence and watching the evidence change.

The evidence across the world seems to be devoid of hope, and yet as a follower of Jesus Christ I know the moment where there appeared to be the least hope: Jesus dying on the cross and buried.  Then he rose to new life.  Life freely offered to all.  God has faith in us. 

Arthur Hugh Clough, knew and assisted Florence Nightingale.  He was a bit of a rebel, and had his share of doubts. He died young – only 42. He wrote a stunning poem in which he described how he struggled knowing his life was coming to an end, but that God was ever present and constantly offering him hope.  It’s worth a read, look it up! *

I have confidence, trust, faith, for whatever lies ahead. In Jesus Christ I have hope for the future. 


As broadcast on BBC Radio 4 – Sunday 31 December 2017

(*This is Arthur Hugh Clough’s poem):


It fortifies my soul to know

That though I perish, Truth is so;

That howso’er I stray and range,

Whate’er I do, Thou dost not change;

I steadier step when I recall

That if I slip, Thou dost not fall.


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