Exploring faith

Crowds praying at the open air baptism service outside York Minster
Jesus calls both men and women to be disciples: to learn from him, to pattern their lives upon his life, to follow him.

All are called to follow Jesus: the poor, the rich, the sinners, the sick, the disgraced and forgotten, the lost and weary, the unclean and the oppressed, women and men, the young and the old.

God's acceptance of us just as we are, enables us to overcome our alienation and to experience the joy and the fulfilment of personal communion with God.

'John Sentamu's Faith Stories' book features twenty inspiring stories from ordinary people with extraordinary experiences and their stories are a compelling testimony to the resilience of Christian faith.

As a 10-year-old it was Christians like that who created in me a thirst for Christ, the living water. 'I stooped down and drank, new life flooded my whole being.

Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu

For those who are thinking about becoming a Christian, or who are already on their journey of faith in Jesus Christ, there are a number of courses available which are intended to help with this. Local churches will often run one of these at various times throughout the year and you will be able to find out more through individual websites or by contacting local clergy. 

To find your local Anglican church visit A Church Near You website

Courses for Discipleship

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