Thy Kingdom Come

Join the global wave of prayer 31st May - 9 June 2019
Blue and white circles with Thy Kingdom Come written in the middle

The Archbishop shared this wonderful testimony of his experience of Thy Kingdom Come:

The aim of Thy Kingdom Come is simple and threefold:

  1. To commit to praying with God’s world-wide family
  2. To hold prayer events of different kinds and in different places
  3. To pray for the empowering of God the Holy Spirit, finding new confidence to be effective witnesses to God the Son, Jesus Christ.

There are various strands of prayer and activity with which churches, families, schools and individuals may choose to engage with:

  • The first is to encourage prayer everywhere – using the season leading up to Pentecost to take every opportunity to enrich our prayer life. This can take the form of individual prayer;  or it can involve home groups, special prayer meetings, ‘prayer rooms’, nights or half nights of prayer, prayer walks, or special services. There are plenty of ideas on the Thy Kingdom Come website, but there is no need to be restricted to these.
  • The second is a ‘Beacon Event’ – a Prayer and Praise event 
  • The third is for groups of churches, deaneries, ecumenical groups, etc, to get together to organise joint prayer events and activities.  Remember that our partner churches are joining in Thy Kingdom Come too!
  • Some schools will feature Thy Kingdom Come in worship on Ascension Day. There is some special material on the website and there are also prayer resources for families and Messy Churches to use too.

My sincere hope is that our Thy Kingdom Come prayers will inspire us further to seek God’s Kingdom of justice, mercy, and peace, in our communities here and throughout God’s world. I pray that many in this Diocese may be given fresh boldness to share Christ with friends and neighbours.

Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu