Bridlington Deanery

Bridlington Deanery stretches from Flamborough in the east to Kilham in the west, and is made up of rural and seaside villages, as well as the town of Bridlington. Bridlington is a minor sea fishing port with a working harbour and is well known for its shellfish. It has a mix of small businesses across the manufacturing, retail and service sectors with its prime trade being tourism during the summer months. Find out more about the churches in Bridlington Deanery here.

Bridlington harbour was proud to host to the Archbishop of York as he continued his six-month Pilgrimage of Prayer, Witness and Blessing across the Diocese of York.  

Archbishop Sentamu spoke with Judi Murden at BBC Radio Humberside whilst at Coffee Mates on his Pilgrimage of Prayer Witness & Blessing at Bridlington. They talked about timing it right to watch the lobster catch coming in at Bridlington Harbour. Archbishop Sentamu spoke about meeting Bethany at the Coffee Mates morning & her campaign to adapt bicycles to accommodate wheelchairs and also about the decision of the Anglican Communion Primates to walk together. Archbishop Sentamu also shared his joy of seeing some of the new Dad’s Army filming locations in and around Bridlington and of his Pilgrimage reflecting the Church being out on the road. 
To listen to this interview click here (original programme

19th January 2016

Pilgrimage Prayers at Christ Church Bridlington. Leave around 9.30am to walk along sea front to Bridlington Spa. Walk on to West Street calling at Kingfisher Trust Cafe around 11.30am. 1.30pm Pilgrimage Prayers at Emmanuel Church. Leave around 2.00pm to walk to Bridlington Harbour.


20th January 2016

Bridlington Hospital. Bridlington School. Leave around 11.45am to walk to St Mark, West Hill. 1.45pm Pilgrimage Prayers at St Mark's West Hill. Leave around 2.00pm to walk to The Hinge Centre - all welcome. 4.00pm Pilgrimage Prayers at The Hinge Centre.


21st January 2016

Flamborough Primary School. 9.30am walk around Flamborough and headlands to Living Seas Centre. 12noon Pilgrimage Prayers Flamborough Copperfields Cafe. Rudston. 3.30pm Tea and chat at All Saints Rudston. 4.00pm Pilgrimage Prayers at All Saints Rudston. 7.00pm Meet the Archbishop event Christ Church Bridlington.


22nd January 2016

9.00am Pilgrimage Prayers at Bridlington Priory. 'Coffeemates' at Bridlington Priory. Leave 'Bull & Son' around 1.30pm to walk to Christ Church Bridlington. Christ Church Pre-school.


23rd January 2016

Meet Lifeboat Team. Leave Lifeboat Station around 10.00am to walk to Holy Trinity Church Bridlington. 11.00am Pilgrimage Prayers at Holy Trinity. Leave around 11.45am to walk from Holy Trinity via Promenade and Quay Road to Bridlington Rugby Club.


24th January 2016

10.00am United Benefice Service at All Saints, Wold Newton. 12noon Family Worship at St Mark's West Hill.