Read sermons and messages delivered by Archbishop Stephen Cottrell.
  1. Smiling woman in black t-shirt with Rock and Roll written on it

    BBC Radio 2 Pause for Thought


    COMMENT - The Archbishop gave the Pause for Thought on BBC Radio 2 this morning. This follows in full

    2 min read
  2. Norman Church with blue sky behind

    Sermon at St Mary's Tadcaster 27 February 2022


    COMMENT - The Archbishop attended worship at St Mary's Church in Tadcaster and gave the sermon which follows in full...

    5 min read
  3. Head and shoulders of bishop in robes standing in front of red leather benches

    House of Lords debate on situation in Ukraine


    COMMENT - the Archbishop spoke today in the debate on the situation in Ukraine and Russia. The speech follows in full

    4 min read
  4. Man in black jacket and purple shirt and clerical collar standing outside with countryside behind him

    Farewell to the Bishop of Liverpool, Paul Bayes


    COMMENT - At General Synod the Archbishop gave the farewell to Paul Bayes, Bishop of Liverpool who retires this month. His speech follows in full...

    5 min read
  5. Red shield with white crossed keys and crown with gold mitre above

    A moment of Reflection - Sunday 13 February 2022


    A moment of Reflection for Racial Justice Sunday

    1 min read
  6. General Synod London 2022

    Racial Justice: update to Synod on racial justice work


    COMMENT - The Archbishop gave a speech at General Synod today following a presentation by the Chair of the Archbishops' Racial Justice Commission Lord Boateng. The speech follows in full...

    7 min read
  7. Man in black cassock with purple sash standing in a large church building under a large advent ring with fresh greenery and candles on it.

    Christmas Day Sermon


    COMMENT - The Archbishop gave the sermon as part of the Sung Eucharist service at York Minster 

    6 min read
  8. pottery wall art showing a number of people in white robes and mitres speaking to each other

    Centenary of the Malines Conversations - Sermon at York Minster


    COMMENT - The Archbishop gave the sermon at today's Evensong at York Minster marking the 100th anniversary of the first Malines Conversations.

    5 min read
  9. Advent one service

    Advent Sunday sermon for national Church of England online service


    COMMENT - The Archbishop gave the sermon as part of the Church of England's weekly online service. This follows in full...

    4 min read
  10. Red shield with white crossed keys and crown with gold mitre above

    Address to York Diocesan Synod


    COMMENT - The Archbishop addressed York Diocesan Synod today. The address follows in full

    9 min read