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Archbishop Encourages All ‘Explore Vocations’

Friday 22nd May 2015

Earlier this year, in co-operation with colleges and training courses in the North of England, the Archbishop of York opened Bishopthorpe Palace for a ‘Step Forward’ Day which was aimed at anyone aged 18 to 30 considering ordained ministry in the Church of England.


As a result, the Archbishop has now added in a new section on his website about vocations which looks at exploring what God might have in store for us, and for young adults in particular.  This includes contributions in three videos from Ordinands who are in the first and final years of training at Cranmer Hall, Durham.  They talk about their hopes for the Church and of the call of God that they have experienced to serve in ordained ministry. One video features a married couple who are just about to complete their first year of training to be Priests together.

On Sunday 31 May, Trinity Sunday, the Archbishop will be ordaining 9 Priests at York Minster and will be praying with them in advance of their ordination.  And, in July, the Archbishop will be ordaining 21 deacons for deployment and ministry across the Diocese of York.

The Archbishop said: “Christian discipleship – how we live the Gospel, share it and serve God - is expressed in many different ways: in schools, in hospitals, in voluntary work, in showing our love for our neighbours.  Lay or ordained – we are the Body of Christ.  In Jesus Christ, God invited us, to be his friends and friends of each other as brothers and sisters in him.  It is said if you want to make God laugh, then tell him your plans!  I would encourage everyone who is thinking about what God has in store for them, to pray and to find out more from their local Church or speak to their Diocesan Advisor on Vocations”.

Dav Mann, Vocations Advisor for Diocese of York, said: “A privilege of my role is to hear from every day people talking about how God is at work. I've heard people say that their calling to serve felt like 'a persistent nudge and it wouldn't go away' or 'something calling me to be an obedient idiot for Jesus'. If this is you, believe me you're in good company !”


Links to the videos follow:

Discipleship and calling

Ordinands at Cranmer Hall Durham describe their calling to serve God in ordained ministry, how it came about & their responses to it.

Emily and Mark

Emily and Mark, from the Diocese of York, share their first year of Ordination Training as a married couple at Cranmer Hall Durham.

Ordinands Share Hopes for the Church 

First and Final Year Ordinands at Cranmer Hall Durham share their hopes for the Church as they step out to serve others in ministry. 


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