P is for Pilgrim The Christian Faith: A Journey from A to Z


Front cover of a book P is for Pilgrim  in gold lettering on a drawn picture of people following a winding path

As you explore Christianity, whatever your age, you will soon encounter some challenging words: Trinity, Sacrament, Reconciliation, Sin. Sometimes it might feel easier to avoid these difficult words… Sometimes it just feels embarrassing to ask… everyone at church seems to know – or, at least, act as though they know. [But] it is simply not possible to be a Christian without understanding sin and forgiveness, without knowing what a sacrament is, or without accepting Jesus as the Christ… This book is here to help… a simple book about complex things… accessible, comprehensive and friendly.

Archbishop Stephen

‘P is for Pilgrim belongs in every Christian home,’ writes Archbishop Stephen. ‘It aims to be a resource for Christians of all ages, providing an introduction to the basic words, ideas and concepts that you will encounter as you journey in faith and become part of the church… a set of reference points for anyone who wants to understand the Christian faith. If you’re searching for meaning in life and want to know more about the Christian faith, this book is for you.’

In this handsome hardback book – beautifully illustrated throughout with original lino print illustrations by Jack Seymour – Archbishop Stephen explores and explains nearly 80 key Christian terms, ideas, concepts, people, events and occasions concisely and clearly. It will be a valuable resource for adults and older children alike, both those wanting to understand more about the Christian faith as well as those who are already Christians. It would also make an ideal Baptism, Holy Communion or Confirmation gift.

The book will be available to buy from Church House Bookshop or other retailers.

The Archbishop will be signing copies of the book at Church House Bookshop in Tufton Street, London SW1P 3QZ on Monday 26 February from 1-1.30pm.

York Minster hosted a children's trail connected to P is for Pilgrim from 10 to 18 February 2024.

Archbishop Stephen explains a bit more about the trail in this video:

About the author and illustrator:

The author of many books for children and adults, Stephen Cottrell is the Archbishop of York, one of the most senior posts in the Church of England. His life’s work as a priest as well as a bishop has been to tell the story of the Christian faith in ways that are simple, compelling and lovely. This little book is just one more way of explaining and telling that story. When he isn’t ‘bishoping’, Stephen loves to walk, cook, eat and write. He also makes lino prints – although he says they are not nearly as good as Jack’s – and one even managed to sneak its way into this book! Stephen is married to Rebecca, who is a potter. They have three sons, two grandchildren and one dog, Molly.

Jack Seymour is an English teacher, graphic designer and illustrator. He has worked with various organisations - including the British and Irish Lions, Land Rover, Google, Ordnance Survey and The Stewards’ Trust - as well as illustrating books and book covers. He works in lino, etching, monoprint, pen & ink and watercolour.

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