Faith in the North

Purple ring with Faith in the North written around the edge and a cross and path inside the circle

Celebrating Stories of Faith

Faith in the North

What is ‘Faith in the North'?

In 2027, it will be the 1400th anniversary of the establishment of the Church of Saint Peter in York and the baptism of King Edwin by Paulinus in 627. This anniversary provides an opportunity to learn from, reconnect with, and compellingly communicate the heart of the Christian faith, and its message of good news, freedom and purpose for all people.

Why have 'Faith in the North'?

  • The purpose of marking the mission of Paulinus in 627 is not to look back, but to look forwards. And to learn from some of the particular features of his mission and the rich Christian faith and spirituality which emerged in Anglo-Saxon England, enabling:
  • Making deeper faith connections with our past and place, especially through the lens of our Anglo-Saxon Christian heritage and the 1400th anniversary of the baptism of Edwin by Paulinus
  • Making a northern response to the Church of England’s national vision and strategy with a particular emphasis in growing younger and more diverse, developing missionary disciples, and planting new Church communities. 
  • Highlighting the role of conversion, including giving an invitation to faith through the practices of faith (i.e., evangelism and spirituality operating together)
  • Celebrating the resources of the North: connecting local histories and anniversaries with a larger narrative; offering new resources for work in schools, churches, cathedrals and through pilgrimage routes  
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Purple ring with Faith in the North written around the edge and a cross and path inside the circle

A Prayer for Faith in the North

A prayer to use together

A picture of Archbishop Stephen talking to an audience at Dewsbury Minster

Launch of Faith in the North

Dewsbury Minster

On 10 October, Missioners, leaders of churches and Principals of Theological Colleges from across the North joined Archbishop Stephen for the launch of Faith in the North. Watch the summary video here:

Archbishop Stephen will be encouraging dioceses across the Northern Province to explore where this may fit within their own mission to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Resources will be available for schools and parishes to explore their own spiritual roots, including the heritage of Anglo Saxon Christianity.

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