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Youth Trust Pilgrimage to Taizé – Finding Peace

Tuesday 21st June 2016

Young Leaders' update from the Archbishop of York's Youth Trust Pilgrimage to Taizé....


After settling in to the unique way of life in Taizé, we've had the opportunity to gain an understanding of other cultures and mix with a variety of people.

Yesterday we were organised into small international groups which encouraged us to share our own experiences and compare with others. Our group is made up of five different nationalities so we can discuss many topics. It has been great to be able to share our opinions and views on life at Taizé, as well as our lives at home.  

During our group discussion time today we explored the set bible passage and we explored more about issues of faith and the challenges of living our faith out in daily life.

Over the past few days we've participated in three reflective services each day. During this time we have come to value the silence which is central to worship at Taizé and find new meaning in our ability to worship. The simple nature of repeated chants during the service creates space for us to reflect on our own lives as well as on the new experiences we've gained here so far.

Having just finished our GCSE exams, the serenity we have found in this community has provided us with a chance to recover and relax from the stressful period we've just been through. Being in such a peaceful environment has highlighted how busy our lives are, and the calmness which is central to life at Taizé has taught us to make time for stillness.

The unity of the Taizé community, the ability to understand different cultures and the central emphasis on peace has changed our attitudes on our hectic lives and the place of reflection and community within them.

Alice and Megan (aged 15)

Young Leaders, Archbishop Holgates




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