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Archbishop welcomes youth manifesto from politically concerned teenagers

Youth Forum Event

Saturday 24th April 2010

The Archbishop of York today cross-questioned teenagers from across the North East as they shared their nine-point Manifesto with him. It will be presented as a priority to the next Prime Minister.

At a Forum entitled 'Make a Difference' held at Bishopthorpe Palace in York, the young people were encouraged to apply their Christian beliefs to political issues and draw up their own Manifesto.

The event was organised by the Archbishop of York Youth Trust, in conjunction with Theos, the Public Theology think-tank, and the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity.

The Archbishop said to the young people, "What you have done today is quite wonderful. I want to encourage you in your commitment. This is exactly what the Youth Trust was set up to do - to help young people make a difference. I will ensure that your nine pledges will be circulated widely".

Nine Points

1. A commitment to broadening EDUCATION opportunities for young people through apprenticeships and work experience.

2. Commitment to providing more opportunities for young people outside of education such as TRANSPORT, SPORT, SUPPORT CENTRES.

3. Achieve Millennium Development Goals, introducing minimum wages for FAIRTRADE WORKERS.

4. A commitment to NOT INCREASING UNIVERSITY FEES and make University more accessible for young people.

5. A commitment to provide training and support for those who are UNEMPLOYED and to create jobs to help serve the local area and local government.

6. A promise to keep life sacred as a gift from God and review restrictions on ABORTION and EUTHANASIA and to offer support to all affected.

7. A commitment to having ONE CRB FORM every five years to prevent Government legislation from becoming an obstacle to adults being involved with young people.

8. A commitment to REGULATING BUSINESS to ensure ethical trading.

9. Reform ASYLUM POLICIES and change attitudes.

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